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How to Wear Saree

How to Wear Saree

How to wear sarees

Step -1 Unfold the saree to its full length. Adjust the height up to your navel, wrap the saree around the waistline comfortably and tuck the top edge of the saree into your petticoat.

Step-2 Take the top end of your saree in your right hand and circle it around your waist till you come to the front. Make sure you maintain the same height as you wrap it around the waistline. Now tuck the top edge of the saree inside the petticoat.

Step-3 You are now ready for pleating the saree in the front. Pleating is done using your right hand while your left hand holds tight the remaining length of the saree.

Step-4 Your middle finger and index finger will be slipping to and fro while your little finger and ring finger will steady your right thumb. Make 8 to 10 pleats to fit your requirement.

Step-5 When you have pleated uniformly, hold the pleats together and adjust the height.

Step-6 Tuck the pleats neatly inside your petticoat and smoothen the pleats to your choice. The pleats should fall straight and even.

Step-7 Take the remaining length and pass it on to your left, gently round your waistline and bring it under your right arm.

Step-8 Pull over the drape to tighten around the hips and waist.

Step-9 Take the saree over your left arm covering roughly the portion between your bustline and knees. You can also pleat the pallu edge if you want.